Qualities to Look for in a Mesa Injury Lawyer

You can get into an accident at any time. You can be driving down the road and get sidelined by a car that runs a red light. Or you can be at a business reception and fall through a wooden patio that wasn’t properly secured or maintained. You can even suffer serious injuries after slipping on a wet floor that wasn’t marked in the grocery store.

After such an accident, you might expect the insurance company to make it right. You’ll wait for the call and the check, expecting it to be what it should. Unfortunately, the reality is that the insurance company is looking out for its own bottom line, not your best interests. So, the insurance company is going to do everything it can to spend as little money as it can, including denying your claim or undervaluing it.

The best thing you can do after an accident is to call a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests and help you get the maximum settlement that you deserve. But you shouldn’t put your trust in just any personal injury attorney. Here are the top qualities you should look for in a Mesa injury lawyer:

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Specializes in Your Type of Injury

All personal injury attorneys in Mesa are trained to represent injury claims, but those who have experience in the type of injury you have will have a greater chance of success for your case. For example, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, which can result in significant lifelong consequences. You need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of these types of injuries and what evidence and expert testimony are needed to show the impact of the injury.

Look for a personal injury lawyer in Mesa who has experience and training in representing the types of injuries you have suffered.

Lots of Experience

There’s a lot that law school doesn’t teach an attorney. With experience, attorneys learn winning strategies, quickly recall important case law precedent, and develop relationships with the top experts in the field who can testify to support your case. Experience also teaches an attorney when a case needs to be settled or further litigation is necessary, as well as how much to expect from a case.

You can check an attorney’s experience by looking for records of their previous cases or checking their bar membership. You can also check references to get an idea of approximate years in the field.

Good Client Relations

Trying to get the insurance company or other negligent party to pay out after a serious injury is a stressful process. You may be dealing with serious disabilities after your accident, and you may have serious financial and emotional problems, as a result. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed.

You need a Mesa injury attorney who understands what you are going through and who is readily accessible. You need an attorney who will not only respond to your calls and emails quickly, but who will respond compassionately. You can get a good sense of what to expect from the first meeting you have with the attorney, but you should also check out online reviews and client referrals to see what kind of experiences past clients have had.

A Good Win Ratio

Of course, your ultimate goal is going to be to win your case. You want an attorney near Mesa with a lot of experience and specialization because you want to win. But even experience and specialization aren’t going to translate into a win. You also need to check that the attorney has a high ratio of cases won to cases lost.

You can check a win-loss ratio by just asking the attorney. You can do a little fact checking by asking former clients about their wins or losses and looking at some court records.

Affordable Fees

Many personal injury attorneys charge you a percentage of the settlement they get you as a fee. You may not be out of pocket for the fees, but you may end up with a much smaller settlement if you aren’t careful with your choice of attorney. Other attorneys do charge an up-front fee, which you may not be able to afford without having your settlement first.

Make sure you ask about any fees and are clear about how you will be charged and when.

Finding the right Mesa injury attorney is going to be key to the success of your case. Not only will you have a better experience with the right attorney, but you will also have a better chance of getting the money you need for your injuries. Spend the time researching to find the right personal injury attorney.

Injury Lawyers Mesa may be able to help if you have been injured through no fault of your own. Our attorneys represent clients who have been injured in auto accidents, property accidents, slips and falls, and more. We’re committed to helping our clients get the maximum compensation for their injuries. Contact us in Mesa today to speak with one of our Mesa personal injury lawyers about your legal options.

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